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It all starts with a clear Mind and Balanced Energy!

Hello Beautiful Soul!

You where guided here,

nothing happens by chance.

See what resonates and lets get you Vibing high!
Tarot Long Beach


For when life can use extra guidance or validation from above

Reiki Long Beach


For when our body feels out of balance with stagnant and unwanted energy

Sound bath Long Beach

Sound bath

For when we want to raise our vibration with the power of frequency and sound.

Leslie Manley

Reiki Master/Tarot Reader

Founder of Ethereal Guidance, Long Beach 2016

Leslie is passionate about the power of energy healing and mental clarity. She found that Tarot can bring one clarity to what sits in the darkness. As humans we need to see life from different perspectives to understand where we stand and where we need to go. Since we posses a physical body and an energetic body it is important to care for our vessels internally and externally. Reiki provides life force energy to reset stagnant and unwanted energy from our bodies, and allowing the flow of balance in our organs, body, mind, and soul. She understands the power of energy and vibrating high, and is why she offers sound bath therapy with her reiki sessions.

Leslie is also a yoga teacher/co owner at Ja Yoga with her husband, a master Yogi. They have three children and they like to be in the mountains at their Retreat Center during the weekends.

Enjoy Tea and Tarot in our gorgeous Victorian room!

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